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We have been building our Cardano ecosystem over the last 4 years, below are key parts of our development

The CardanoVerse Metaverse

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The CardanoVerse Show

Cardano Hubs

Cardano Community Hubs

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We have been involved exclusively with the Cardano Blockchain for two & a half years, after looking around other blockchains for more than a year. Over that time we have had several significant achievements for the benefit of the cardano blockchain and the community generally.

The overriding objective for each of our 21 project catalyst proposals (which we continue to develop without funding) has been to help improve the blockchain and to build the number of new community members. Some of our achievements are:

Onboarded almost 2,000 new community members who opened Yoroy Wallets.

Buit two multilingual websites with masses of educational content.

Created 8 plugin software with COTI ₳DA Pay for Wordpress & Joomla.

Worked with organisations on 4 Continents to submit Catalyst Proposals for Cardano HUBS.

Airdropped thousands of our HUBS Token to new community members.

Build a metaverse dedicated to educating people about the Cardano Ecosystem.

Partnered with The Cardano Hotel (The first business to accept ₳DA) to produce video content about Cardano.

Adopted an International Charity called “The Animal Fund” (TAF) dedicated to saving our whales & dolphins

And more..,

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